Your advisor must be trustworthy. We encourage you to ask questions and choose wisely. Keep in mind that experience doesn’t ensure client loyalty, only good character does.

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Maximum Valuations

We believe the hard work and sacrifices expended by company owners over many years should be handsomely rewarded. Central to our ethos, we’re dedicated to doing our utmost to ensure peak valuations for every client.

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Optimal Positioning

We invest an extraordinary amount of up-front effort to present prospective buyers or investors with a thorough understanding of your business’ full potential. Only then can these prospects make their highest and best offer.

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Commitment to Success

We’re not interested in engaging client after client and then hoping to close a “respectable” percentage. You simply won’t find a more dedicated firm to helping you reach your goals.

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Instinct and Experience

We’ve honed our transaction instincts though years of executing a multitude of business sales, corporate acquisitions and divestitures, venture and growth capital raises, leveraged buyouts, business valuations, and financial restructurings.

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Market Specialization

We’re not trying to be “all things to all people,” so our expertise is concentrated on corporate transactions for middle-market companies. That focus provides our clients with a distinct advantage when going to market.

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Aria Capital Advisors

Aria Capital Advisors, LLC (“Aria”), an SEC-registered, FINRA member Broker-Dealer, is a boutique investment bank that specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Divestitures, Growth Capital, and Financial Restructurings. We provide exceptional financial and transactional expertise to middle-market companies seeking to sell a business, acquire a business, merge companies, divest a division or business unit, raise growth capital, refinance debt, or restructure ownership through a variety of mechanisms, including management buyouts or buy-ins.

Our Advisory Services